– Our Mission –

SPSG is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure the well being of the men and women who bring the excitement of competition into the homes of fans around the world.


From credentialing to training, construction guidance to one-step nationwide compliance, we work throughout the sports industry to set the standards for safety.

Since 2004, 15,000 freelancers have benefited from our online education, training and credentialing resources. Today, enrollment in these programs continues to grow exponentially, with more than 1,000 university students using SPSG to supplement their broadcasting studies.


Board Of Directors

Gerard Arrotti
Robert Bee
Jason King
Joe Mannetta
David Mcelwain
John Moore
Rodney North
Ron Partilla
Peter Rintelman
Tom Sahara

Executive Committee

Rodney North, Chair
Ron Partilla, Vice Chair
Gerard Arrotti, Treasurer
Jason King, Secretary